Welcome to Wellness Gypsy Tribe!

I am a Mum of one little girl with lots of food intolerances. We are in the process of healing her gut and candida issues. On the journey we are creating new foods and a more natural NON GMO environment for her. We will share our non allergy, food intolerant recipes as we continue to experiment with what works. These will be dairy free, nut free, egg free, rice and potato free and well as gluten, wheat, soy, legume, corn and melon free. Phew! It’s a long list that she can’t have right now!

For myself i’m a seafood eater who only eats a “vegan ish” diet otherwise. (I say vegan ish because i do eat seafood so im not really vegan 🙂 )I used eat dairy up until a few months ago, just eggs and cheese but i have since quit these too. I have always lived a natural healthy lifestyle (after a few bad choices were abolished) although i’m not a fan of exercise apart from walking and swimming. You will not see me in a gym, well not yet anyway! Haha 😀

I love making and creating food and look forward to sharing that with you. As well we will be launching our range of skincare and beauty products into the future.

You will also find our shop here soon. We are currently sourcing organic products for our store. If you have a product you we may be interested in get in touch.

Thanks for joining our tribe, we look forward to being able to help and inspire you.

Wellness Gypsy x